By DebbieH 12 Feb 2020 7 min read

Salary report for the legal industry

Want to know how much you could make working in the the legal industry? Or what the average salary is for each profession?

There are a wide range of jobs in law, and pay varies significantly based on job title.

We recently released our latest annual report. The report contained an array of insightful information regarding recruiting in the legal industry, and professionals searching for jobs.

Off the back of our findings, we have also produced a salary report for 2020.

The report goes into detail surrounding the average salaries for 2018, and 2019, and also looks at the percentage increases or decreases year on year for each job category.

Read on to see what we found, and to download the report.

This report will be useful for you if:

  • You’re considering a career move and want to be able to discuss salary confidently
  • You’re thinking of speaking to your current employer about salary
  • You’re interested in the industry averages per profession within the legal industry


Legal salary


Above we can see the table showing just a snippet of the percentage increases we’ve seen for salaries per roles advertised on Simply Law Jobs in 2018-19.

The largest increase in average salary was for Clerk Room jobs. The average salary increased by 21.66%.

PA roles also saw a significant increase, by 17.26%, while Caseworker jobs average salary rose by 16.70%.

The average salary for Legal Counsel roles increased by 12.83%, and recruiters offered an average of 12.73% more in 2019 for Practice Managers.

The average salary for Head of Legal jobs rose by 12.59%, and Partner salaries also increased significantly by 10.52%. Experienced Partners are currently in high demand, so it is expected that hiring professionals are putting more cash on the table to attract top talent.

Associate roles salaries also increased by 10.06%, and salaries for Business Development Manager jobs rose by 9.10%.

Moving further down the list, Solicitor roles did not see as significant a rise as others this year, with the overall average salary growing by just 6.64%.

Legal Executive roles experienced a slight increase in the average salary, at 1.03%.

From this point, we begin to see where the average salaries drop year on year, starting with the lowest percentage decrease, on Barrister jobs. The overall average salary decreased by 3.17%, while Legal Secretary jobs salaries also dropped by 3.21%.

The overall average salary for Duty Solicitor roles dropped by 5.32% in 2019, and Paralegal jobs salaries also dropped by 6.53%.


Want to read the full salary report? Download it now: