Career Hub User Guide

Sign up / sign in

When signing up for the Career Hub for the first time, you’ll either be able to create an account using your Google account, or by manually registering with your email and a password. If you’re already a Simply Law user, you’ll be able to log into the Career Hub with your existing login credentials, even if you’ve never used the Hub before!

Once you’ve created your account, your login credentials will give you access to our entire platform, including Simply Law jobs.

If you ever need to change your password, navigate to your username at the top right and select Settings from the dropdown menu. From here, you’ll be able to select a new password.


Setting up your profile

Once you’ve created your profile, we recommend you take the time to fill this out with as much information as possible, so that we can recommend the most relevant resources and articles for you based on what you want to see.

Filling out your profile will also allow your fellow forum users to learn more about you, helping you to cement your place within the community, add credibility to your comments and help you make connections!

We require a full name from you, but this is purely so that we can communicate with you. If you’d prefer not to reveal your full name to other users in the community, simply switch on the “keep your anonymity” option and select a display name.

We also recommend that you upload a profile picture to help your fellow users get to know you better! A professional, clear and well-lit photo is essential here; if you can use a photo of yourself within a professional setting, even better. Please ensure that your image is a maximum of 5MB.

Your Headline is another important piece of information to fill in on this page; this is a few short words that will show up underneath your username on any posts you make on the forum. We really recommend filling this in, as it gives your fellow users an idea of who you are and what you do. We suggest you fill this in with a few words about your current job role or career situation, for example “trainee solicitor at SLJ Legal”, “senior partner at FMG Law”, or “student & aspiring lawyer”.

On this page you’ll also be able to add information about your location, current work situation and the role you’re most interested in. We’ll then use this information to make sure we’re providing you with suggested job opportunities and other content that’s relevant to you! In fact, you’ll be shown recommended jobs from Simply Law on your dashboard as soon as you’ve added these details, providing we currently have vacancies on the site which match what you’re looking for.


Can we email you?

When you create your account with the Simply Law Career Hub, you’ll be able to opt-in to receive emails from us. There are a few different types of emails that we’ll send you if you choose to opt in, all of which are designed to provide you with valuable information for your career and improve your experience of using the Hub:

Advice and content: you’ll receive regular emails containing useful, insightful career advice, articles, videos and other content that’s relevant to the job role that you’re interested in.
Job alerts: you’ll receive alerts when new job opportunities relevant to you are added to Simply Law
Newsletter: you’ll receive monthly roundups of the latest news and content that you may have missed

If you no longer wish to receive a particular type of email, simply navigate to your preference centre via your dashboard by navigating to Settings > Email subscription and switch each email type on or off depending on your preferences.


Navigating around the Simply Law Career Hub

Under the Career advice section of the Hub, you’ll be able to find articles and advice to guide you in your career, including CV writing advice, interview tips, wellbeing tips, job hunting advice, salary information, job profiles, and much more.

You’ll also be able to discover our role-specific series within the Career advice section, which feature interviews and advice from professionals currently working within various roles and sectors of the legal industry; including solicitors, paralegals, students, graduates and more. Look out for more content being added to these sections in the future!

The Insights section is where we take a deeper dive into the industry, giving you exclusive insights into what it’s like to work in various roles, and tips for dealing with situations often encountered by legal professionals. In here you’ll find interviews and first-hand “a day in the life” accounts from people working across various areas of law.

You’ll also be able to discover lifestyle advice and opinions from those within the industry, giving you the sort of first-hand insights that aren’t always widely available, especially for those taking their first steps into the legal industry.



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