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5 Tips to prepare for a law interview


Preparing for your legal interview might seem terrifying but it’s actually not that complicated. The first rule is, be confident! And the rest will follow. “But I am confident and I’m still nervous,” you might think.

In that case, you might not know exactly what you need to do to get your step in the door. Legal interviews can be challenging if you’re not prepared, so here’s your prep guide that will help you ace that meeting. 


1) Research the company in advance 

In a way, interviewing is like dating. If the company you’re applying for doesn’t feel the chemistry between the two of you and if you don’t make them feel special, you’ll probably fail your interview and not get selected.

When they ask why you are choosing their law firm, you cannot say ‘I need to advance my legal career’ or ‘You were the only ones who selected me for an interview.’ These replies are brutally honest and not at all diplomatic. 

When the interviewer asks you why them, your answer should be based on critical information. That being said, you should research the company well in advance. Check out Chambers Student to research what the company does, its success and strategies, its culture, its training structure and social life.

This platform will help you figure all of these things out. On top of that, do some research of your own and find the missing links in their strategy. Then tell them how you can fix it.  


2) Try mock interviews 

A mock interview is a trial interview that can get you ready for the real interview. Undergoing a “fake interview” is a good way to practice, so we highly recommend it. You could ask a friend or a relative to ask you questions and have them rate your answers.

If you’re not sure what questions to ask, you could always consult with professional writers ready to help you. Many students decide to buy dissertation and then continue to work with the same consultants to prepare for their law interviews.  

Even if it’s a mock interview, you should set the right setting. You must feel exactly like you’re going to a real interview. Mimic everything, including the clothing, the interview setting, and the interviewer. Bring your CV to the mock meeting and have your friend look at it objectively.

Take time answering the questions that follow. Record the interview if you can, and then play it back to yourself. Make the right improvements and correct the mistakes you’ve made, if any. 


3) Know what’s happening around the world 

Being knowledgeable is a big asset in the legal world. In fact, it would be unwise if you were not. A successful law associate is always informed about current news events. This is something that might get overlooked at times, which is why I felt the need to highlight it.

If you’re not prepared to talk about today’s news, they might be looking at you differently. Reading your legal news and staying informed is part of your job, so make sure you do that before the interview. 


4) Make a good first impression

Believe it or not, first impressions matter. Dress professionally and appropriately for the position you’re interviewing for. Wearing business attire would be well-suited for this occasion, so try that. If you are not completely sure that’s you, try business casual. In any case, avoid dressing unprofessionally. This could cost you your job.

In a nutshell, make sure that all of your clothes fit properly and that they’re not dirty. Pay attention to how your prospective co-workers dress (check the website) and mimic that. Get rid of your clothing wrinkles and buy good shoes. This will help you feel even more confident.


5) Keep calm whatever happens 

No matter how much you prepare, you might still feel nervous on the day of your interview. The right attitude is asking, so what? Feeling nervous is normal and might even help you get the job done. Just be yourself! Don’t hurry and wait for your turn to talk.

If they’re asking you something you’re not sure about, take your time to answer the question. Do not be afraid to say what’s on your mind and keep going no matter what. 


Acing your legal interview can be both exciting and challenging. If you respect the tips above, you’ll increase your chances of getting hired. Stay positive, stay informed, and stay honest. Good luck!


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