By Beth Lane 13 Sep 2022 9 min read

10 tips to shine in the eyes of the recruiter

Searching for a new job can be exhausting and full of challenges. Recruiters interview a lot of candidates for a single vacancy so it takes a lot to impress them and get noticed. It’s a real struggle to stand out among the crowd so even if you are technically qualified for a job, you still have to work your way to impress the recruiter. The game is to be visible and not get lost in the crowd. Recruiters often end up getting hundreds of applications and so you have to work hard to create a profile that gets noticed and stands out among the pack. 

Whether you’re a fresh graduate applying for an apprenticeship, a training contract or have become a newly qualified lawyer, you need to outperform in the job interview to get appointed for the job. Read further to catch the attention of top executives and become the perfect pick for the job. 

  1. Research the firm you’re applying

Your employer may ask why you are interested in working in their law firm. So you must be prepared to tell why you’re a good fit for their company. Being prepared for the question will help to boost your confidence. Search about the company through its website or social media posts to develop a solid understanding of the company goals and how you can contribute towards achieving them. Keep in mind that a law job interview isn’t always easy, so knowing about the firm is the best way to ace the interview and catch the attention of the recruiters. 


  1. Be enthusiastic

Before entering the interview, it’s better to do your homework. Try to be calm yet active. Show interest in what the recruiter is saying and answer them passionately. It’s important to bring your authentic self so that the interviewer can seriously consider you when hiring. Be firm in your answers. You do not need to ramble away; take a breath and answer logically. 


  1. Make sure that you and your resume are absolutely perfect

The way you present yourself reflects your personality. Though you are much more than your resume, your first impressions always matter. You might lose your credibility if there are any loopholes in your resume. Since it is at the disposal of the recruiter, you are responsible for convincing the interviewer that you’re the only one ideal for the job.  


  1. Show your worth

Prospective recruiters look for candidates who are skillful and determined for the job. So, if you’re thinking about how to impress a recruiter in an interview, it’s the best time to showcase your talent. Demonstrate your knowledge of law with examples. Show how passionate you are regarding your field and show that you have a good amount of common sense. 


  1. Focus on your accomplishments

With each job description, there is a desired set of skills and characteristics required. Recruiters are simply looking for candidates with relevant skills. Therefore, to stand out, you must describe your accomplishments and what skills you possess to achieve those accomplishments. Keep the information precise so that the recruiters are in awe of your capabilities. Giving specific examples can help the employers understand your achievements in a better way. 


  1. Try to make a real conversation

Besides capturing the attention of the interviewers with your personality, you must make a real conversation with them. This can change the whole job dynamics for you, even if you’re less skillful than others. It’ll be easier for the recruiter to judge you through all possible dimensions. Rambling about what’s written in your resume is of no use. 


  1. Build your rapport

Half your rapport is made by your resume. The rest is achieved by your impression. If you want to ace the interview, make sure to build a great rapport. Just be yourself and don’t lack authenticity. Point out some latest rulings and trends in law while keeping the atmosphere light and constructive. 


  1. Talk beyond salary and other benefits

You need to prove that you are specifically interested in the job for which the recruiter is hiring. You certainly need to discuss the salary and other perks given due to the job but your focus must not solely be on the monetary compensation that comes along with the position. Recruiters are always willing to hire those who are committed to delivering. 


  1. Talk about past work experience

No matter what post,  a career in law is always full of opportunities for those interested. Your work experience in the legal field exhibits your motivation and enthusiasm to work better in the future. Your experience demonstrates your potential to handle substantial responsibility. 


  1. Focus on attention to detail

Make sure your resume is without any errors. You should have a full focus on the interviewer and be ready to satisfy them in the best way possible. Don’t leave your answers halfway for the recruiter to finish them with their own imagination. Explain your answer in complete detail and illustrate it with concrete examples. 


Frequently asked questions: 

How do I become more visible to recruiters?

To get yourself noticed, you must let recruiters know that you’re open for opportunities. You can publicly indicate this message through social media apps. Also, you need to be proactive. Get into the spotlight by making your profile more visible.  


How do you attract the attention of a recruiter?

Besides being open to opportunities, get yourself endorsed by others along with some recommendations so that your job profile becomes credible. Try to be searchable on different platforms, both online and offline. You must also build your network and share relevant content so that recruiters get attracted to it. 


How do you make yourself stand out to recruiters?

No matter how perfect you are as a candidate, here are some tips to stand out as a candidate. 

  • Make sure to customise any document

  • Get specific

  • Prove your worth

  • Exhibit your knowledge 

  • Try to connect and do networking

  • Add in your portfolio


How do I increase my visibility on LinkedIn recruiters?

To mark your presence on LinkedIn, you must first update the headline and set your job title. Also, make sure that your profile is clear and that you have a professional picture on your LinkedIn. Lastly, use the advanced built-in tools to ensure that you are open to opportunities and so that you are visible to recruiters.