By RoxanneB 13 Oct 2021 7 min read

3 Skills legal recruiters are looking for

Recruiters look for a range of skills and characteristics, here are 3 of the top skills legal recruiters look for that will put you on the path to a successful law career:


1) Commercial awareness

Commercial awareness is fast becoming one of the top skills legal recruiters are looking for, companies want to know that you’re knowledgeable on developments that are happening in the world as these events could affect the business and/or clients.

An example of this would be a law student studying family law should be aware of the current legislation on this subject, being commercially aware will not only benefit the company but it will improve the decisions you make and mean you perform better when you start your role.


2) Communication

Strong communication skills are required in almost any role but specifically in a legal role, your oral and written communication skills will come in useful. As a solicitor you would be; working with different clients, representing and defending them during court cases, and drafting legal papers.

Perhaps you’re starting as a Legal Assistant, most of the responsibilities of the role from scheduling court appointments to writing statements will include communicating with others, and most importantly successfully supporting the senior member you’re assisting will require top communication skills.


3) Attention to detail

Having excellent attention to detail will make you a standout candidate, throughout your legal career you will be dealing with plenty of contracts, papers, documents, and more.

You must avoid errors such as spelling which could give the company you work for a bad reputation. A good place to start is to double-check your job application when applying, look for any errors and correct them before you apply.


Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

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