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5 key tips you need to be a standout legal candidate

The job searching journey can be tough, we want to make it as easy as possible for you, so here at Simply Law we’ve uncovered 5 key tips that can help you stand out in an interview, learn more about a potential employer, and land your dream legal career. 


1) Get to know the company

This is probably the simplest but one of the most impactful tips you can use when looking to be a standout candidate. Getting to know the company by undertaking in-depth research not only ensures the role being offered and the company offering it are the right fit for you, but also allows you to start a two-way conversation.

You can ask any questions you have to further understand the company you could be working for, which will only impress the employer. Including the information that you find on the company can be used as early as the application process, by making sure to tailor your CV to the job, this will come across as a personal approach to the employer and set you apart from others. To ensure your CV is optimised for legal recruiters, get it checked by our CV writing professionals here for free!

What are the values of the law firm like?

What area of law do they specialise in?

What is their company culture like?


2) Ask bold questions

The interview process is your chance to shine, it is the first time that the employer will get to meet you, therefore first impressions are really important but you also want to ensure that you stand out from the many applicants applying for the role.

Asking questions that are bold and show off your eagerness to work with the company, desire to grow within the company, and willingness to adapt your skills and knowledge is sure to set you apart. 

What qualities would make me successful in this legal role?

Do you have any doubts about me being successful in this role?

If I got the role how could I impress you in the first 3 months?


3) Make sure to follow-up 

A large number of candidates often fail at this step of the journey, a small task that can take less than a couple of minutes can make a huge difference to your response. Even if you’re not confident that you’ve been chosen for the role, it is still seen as a way to leave a good impression but to also express your interest in future opportunities that the firm may have. 

There are several points in the journey in which you can follow up, you may decide to send a thank you message after being informed that you have not been chosen for the position advertised, this is also a good chance to request some feedback.

One of the biggest frustrations for candidates is not hearing back from an employer, if this is the case you can send a follow-up message to prompt a response, also using it as a chance to further express your interest in the role.


4) Have an online presence

There are now several platforms at your fingertips that you can utilise to build yourself an online presence. It is said around 60% of employers will do an online search of the candidate before deciding whether or not to invite them for an interview. If you already have an online presence and are making use of a professional platform such as LinkedIn, it is important to be cautious of what your online presence says about you!

How do you come across?

Does the information provided on your CV match?


5) Be knowledgeable in key areas

Completing your company research before applying for the role and attending the interview will allow you to identify key areas in which you can ensure you’re knowledgeable. If the law firm you’re applying for specialises in family law, it will benefit you to ensure you have knowledge in this area that you can showcase on your CV and during the interview process.

If you’re at the early stage of your career, hoping to go into a different area of law than that you have previously studied, being honest about this on your CV yet showcasing how you’ve used your time to ensure you understand the basics of an area in which the firm specialise, will show off your desire to grow and is sure to make you a standout candidate.


These are just some of the ways you can get started to make sure that you stand out from the sea of candidates also applying for the role, 5 key tips that are sure to put you on the path to your dream legal career. Good luck! 


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