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Frequently asked questions

A day in the life of a lawyer is exicting and it's also one of the most respected jobs in UK. Not only is the profession valued, it is financially quite rewarding as well. You can pursue your degree in the law and practise in a specialised area suiting your inclinations to become a lawyer in the corporate, criminal, or some other field.

For studying law, a minimum of 5 GCSEs at grade 4/C or above are needed with Science, Maths and English Language. You need to score quite well in the courses to qualify for getting into a law school. You need to be good with logic and reasoning, numeracy, and communication skills to be eligible for applying to the lawyer jobs.

Currently, the demand for lawyers is more than the number of students graduating from law school. The lawyer vacancies are likely to increase in number in the next five years or more. Most of the law firms are understaffed when it comes to lawyers, so yes there is a huge demand for them in the United Kingdom.

The lawyer salary varies for different fields depending on the employer, experience required and job responsibilities. Commercial and corporate lawyers are paid the most in the UK. Family and personal injury lawyers on the other hand are paid the least. Simply Law Jobs makes it easy to find your desired position and quickly apply to it!

History, Government administration/laws, Social Studies, Science, Statistics and Data Science, Mathematics, Communications, and English Language are useful subjects for becoming a lawyer. You need to be persuasive in speech and ought to be excellent at verbal communication to build your career as a lawyer. Analytical skills and being an avid reader are also essential.


Lawyer Job Description 

Lawyers provide legal advice and assistance to the clients and prepare and present cases at court hearings and proceedings. They draft legal documents that include contracts, wills, divorce deeds, adoption papers, business agreements and more. They collate evidence and do thorough research on a case before presenting a client. They analyse the evidence and witness statements to prepare arguments before presenting them in a hearing. Junior lawyers assist the senior team members on big cases by doing research and reading case studies. Corporate lawyers work on cases pertaining to retail and regulatory investigations. Family lawyers assist their clients with matters like divorce, joint custody, deciding on alimony money. 

Lawyer Job Responsibilities 

Lawyers have to meticulously analyse the legal aspects of a case they work on; they have to do research on the relevant laws and regulations for preparing persuasive arguments. They have to draft the documents in a scrupulous manner, not missing out on anything important or significant. They are required to provide advice and assistance to clients keeping in view the matter at hand and utilising all their knowledge and legal sagacity. When drawing up the contracts and other documents, they have to cover all the legal aspects. They supervise the legal assistants. They settle the legal disputes explaining the law and giving general advice to the conflicting parties. 

Skills Required to Build Lawyer Careers

The lawyer job needs good debating and communication skills as a major part of it is about giving arguments and proving a point. Attention to detail is essential for the role, without being articulate and accurate, it will be difficult to carry on during a court hearing. Critical thinking and problem-solving are also needed for the position. Lawyer positions require analytical and organisation skills as well. A good writer will enjoy drafting different kinds of documents. Confidence and staying calm under pressure are a must for this role. Want to know which popular law firms are hiring lawyers? Check Simply Law Jobs for the recently added lawyer vacancies!