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            Frequently asked questions

            A fee earner is an individual who works in a law firm and generates income for the firm. They do so by doing work of specific nature such as meeting and charging clients that helps their firm to generate money. Solicitors, lawyers etc are examples of fee earners.

            Before going for a fee earner job, you are required to have cleared certain training courses. But, the nature of the training course depends upon the type of fee earner that you want to become. For example, the educational requirements of a barrister differ from those of a solicitor’s.

            A fee earner salary depends upon many different factors. These important factors include the years of experience of the fee earner, their level of expertise in this field, the area of law where they specialise in, and the part of the globe where they work.

            Those who are considering What is a Fee Earner should know that it's a good option especially for those who want to make a living out of working in a law firm. If you can pass law school, and clear all the examinations that are required from the applicants, then the future might just be a very rewarding and fulfilling one.

            Fee earner jobs hold a very promising future for aspiring individuals by virtue of being one of the most financially rewarding careers out there. You can check out and apply for the newly posted legal vacancies on Simply Law Jobs.


            Fee Earner Job Description 

            If you want to get the job of a fee earner in a law firm, you are required to have certain skills and knowledge. The type of fee earner you want to become determines your educational and training requirements. For example, if you want to apply for the job of a barrister, you are needed to undergo a particular type of pupillage then if you wish to apply for the job of a solicitor. Similarly, the role of another type of fee earner will demand its own type of training and certifications. 

            Fee Earner Job Responsibilities 

            Fee earner is an umbrella term for a number of different closely related jobs. Your responsibilities under this title depend upon the type of fee earner you are. Generally, a fee earner is required to interact with the different clients, help them in their legal affairs, assemble legal papers, and sometimes act on the behalf of a client. They also need to express their firm in front of other legal representatives. Their day to day duties might encompass negotiating with different clients, filing paperwork, researching a client’s case etc. 

            Skills Required For Building Fee Earner Career

            The main skills that will be needed in a free earner’s job are great confidence, and ability to speak and argue flawlessly, good communication, and good interpersonal skills. You can’t expect to build a successful career if you are not confident and bold in your ways. You should also have a clear moral compass that will guide your career path. You should maintain a professional demeanour too. Simply Law Jobs is the best platform to find the latest fee earner careers.