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Training Contracts. Everything you need to know and hear about trainin...
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General Advice From Profession... Discuss and ask for advice from Legal professional...
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Verified ECCouncil Questions B... ExamOut is a website which provides the latest ECC...
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Assessment Centre Tips for assessment centres
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Training Contracts Discuss training contracts here
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Paralegals .
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Opportunities Gain experience
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Seeking to create a more meani... Seeking to find an employer willing to give older...
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Interviews Discuss any interview or tips or advice here!
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Welcome A place to introduce yourself
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Legal Industry Review 2022 See and discuss our legal industry review here.
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Law Firms Start discussions about particular law firms here.
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tamanna.fouzia 1 year ago

Hello sir/madam,I really appreciate your advertisement for this position and I’m eagerly looking for this job. I have done my LLB honours from BPP University and currently studying Bar Professional Tr...

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Reflection Essay 1 year ago

While working towards building your profession, it is essential to take time to look back at the progress that you have made. By reflection on the progress made and even the goals that you wish to acc...

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joan d mcqueen 1 year ago

Hey, I am a 23-year-old commerce graduate. I have been searching for a job as an accountant. It's been a year since I started my search. Any advice and suggestions on the same would be highly apprecia...

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Abigail Patterson 1 year ago

How can l acquire legal experience and which companies are currently taking unpaid interns

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John Harris 1 year ago

Verified ECCouncil 212-89 Study Guide 212-89 Dumps PDFECCouncil 212-89 dumps pdf is made by expert’s 212-89 exam questions and the content is verified by support experts. This ensures that the ECCounc...

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