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General Advice From Profession... Discuss and ask for advice from Legal professional...
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General Student Room General Student Room 
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Training Contracts. Everything you need to know and hear about trainin...
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Assessment Centre Tips for assessment centres
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Greetings Saying hello and meeting everyone
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Training Contracts Discuss training contracts here
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Seeking to create a more meani... Seeking to find an employer willing to give older...
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Paralegals .
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Interviews Discuss any interview or tips or advice here!
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Law Firms Start discussions about particular law firms here.
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CV advice Here you can see and ask any questions about your...
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Legal Industry Review 2022 See and discuss our legal industry review here.
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Welcome A place to introduce yourself
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Introduce yourself Introduce yourself
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Steve E. Hruby 2 weeks ago

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sky movers 4 weeks ago

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David John 2 months ago

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Venita Johnson 3 months ago

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Ella Richardson 4 months ago

We recently spoke to Oyinbrakemi future trainee solicitor at Ashurst. She shared her journey to her legal career including applying for training contracts, and advice for aspiring legal professiona...

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