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Meet Keeva – Law student and junior paralegal

Introducing Keeva Wilson

We recently caught up with Keeva, an undergraduate law student at the University of Hertfordshire and a junior paralegal.


Pursuing a career in the legal industry 

Keeva chose to pursue a career in the legal industry, after discovering that Law touches every part of a person’s life, which she found fascinating and enticed her to want to enter the industry and learn more. 

As an undergraduate student, Keeva has worked as a paralegal alongside her studies, she revealed that especially during her exam periods it can be a challenge to fit everything in, often waking up at 5 am to get her university work completed. Overall Keeva stated she hasn’t faced too many challenges at this early stage of her study and legal career. 

Many students, in general, can relate to the difficulty of managing a budget, when asked how she best manages her finances, Keeva shared that she ensures to prioritise the necessities such as food, bills, and petrol, then everything else secondary. She also noted having a part-time job as a junior paralegal means she does not have to struggle as much as those who are not working alongside their studies. 

Currently in her second year of study Keeva has begun classes such as Tort, Property Law, Eu Law, and Commercial law, with the average day consisting of several seminar preps and sessions. 

Tip from a law student: “Choose your A Level subjects wisely!”

In her role as a junior paralegal, she has legal administration responsibilities such as writing and drafting court orders, preparation of client care, and attending hearings, giving her great hands-on work-experience in the legal industry. 

Keeva’s goal is to become a barrister and specialise in corporate and commercial law, when asked what is one tip she would give to someone hoping to apply as a law student she noted it is very important to choose your A-Level subjects wisely! 

After choosing to do Politics and English literature she was glad to have chosen Politics specifically as the majority of content learned at A Level is relevant to year 1 study of law.

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