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10 Tips on preparing for law school

Many students start thinking about their career choices while they are still at school. If you’re looking for admission to a law school, you better start preparing early.

Getting into a law school can be difficult; you need to possess several skills, such as – solving problems, critical thinking, research, communication, time management, public service, etc. 

 While you can come from any background in your pre-law years, most people come from a liberal arts background. However, your grades and demeanor will get more importance than your background. 


Here are ten tips to help you get into the law school of your choice. 


Tip 1) Get more practical experience:

You will be able to get some hands-on experience in law during your high school years. You may look for internships or summer jobs in law-related firms or talk with somebody known who is in the law sector. You’ll be able to get much basic information on how to apply, different prospects of law schools, preparation procedures, etc. the person may even help you get into one of the colleges.

Tip 2) Advanced classes:

The advanced classes will surely keep you ahead of some who are willing to take the test and get into a law school. The challenging courses will prepare you for even harder tests and keep a noticeable GPA through your undergraduate years. That is a prime factor that increases your chances of getting into a law school.

Tip 3) Get the books:

Preparing early is possible when you have all the necessary books and reading materials. Start by reading about the fundamentals, then focus your reading on a broader understanding of the subject. It is equally essential to know outside of your respective fields; more knowledge will undoubtedly keep you ahead.

Tip 4) Research on the course:

You need to focus on a particular section of the law, for that thorough research is compulsory. You’ll be surprised to see that your course has more things to cover than it shows, so starting early is necessary. The law school handbook will help you get an overview of the entire course, and you can make preparations according to that.

Tip 5) Be active in other fields:

There is a reason for emphasizing extra-curricular from the school level. The activities not just develop your qualities but can also come in handy in studying law. Extra-curriculars and public service can teach you a lot about social and public issues, also some community values. Participating in the activities will help you communicate and manage your time well.

Tip 6) Form a study group:

You’ll find some of your classmates also preparing for laws school. While some may see that as an immediate competition, you can make it your strength. Forming a study group helps cover the enormous syllabus, while it also allows you to test yourself. Each of you can look into your strong and weak points and put work on those sections.

Tip 7) Public speaking and writing:

Speaking in public will take you far in the law sector, which is an important quality of any lawyer. These are some skills that don’t come overnight, so start working on these skills from your high school. Participating in debates, creative writing competitions will help you gain more command over the language while also improving your communication.

Tip 8) Take less stress:

There is a possibility that the pressure from your study can become very stressful, so you need some time to take things lightly. While it is customary to take stress as some people perform better under it, too much of that can eventually slow you down. So, relax and organize your study accordingly.

Tip 9) Set up a profile:

Having an online profile on social media can help you connect with people from that profession. As you’ll meet law professionals, you’ll also receive important notifications and tips on focusing your studies even more effectively.

Tip 10) Have a backup:

Law schools can be very challenging; while it is good to hustle, eventually, you may get over it. Or, you do not get a place after trying hard. Don’t get demotivated; instead, keep some other career options open. That may save you a year. 


Photo by Marten Bjork on Unsplash – Author Holly Clarke – There are ways to get your felony expunged for free in Oregon, and the best way for that is to get a good lawyer. If you follow the tips carefully, you can become the lawyer people trust.

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