By DebbieH 20 Nov 2019 7 min read

Why is everyone watching webinars?

What benefits can webinars offer you for your career development?

Webinars offer the very same advantages online classes do, namely the ability to reach dozens or hundreds of people all around the world, with additional advantages included as well. More importantly, the benefits of webinars mean that educational institutions and companies of all sizes never have to compromise on the quality of their education.

Our partners, the Institute of Legal Secretaries and PAs are now offering new online webinar classes to legal secretaries and pa’s, which will start on Tuesday 28th January 2020.

ILSPA now provides three study method options for their Legal Secretaries Diploma course. You can study through evening classes in London, online webinar classes or online via distance learning. Take a look at the below to find out more about how webinars could benefit your training and development:


What is a webinar?

A web based seminar or webinar is a presentation, lecture, workshop or a seminar conducted over the internet using video conferencing software. During which the host uses conferencing equipment and multimedia to connect to viewers or listeners interactively, including voice communications, live or prerecorded videos, online presentations, product demonstrations, text chats and more.


What are the benefits to learners?

The benefits to learners include:

  • Flexibility: They allow students to access learning material whenever, and wherever – which is great for those who have little time to play with, like legal assistants and secretaries, for example.
  • Accessibility: Those learning through webinars can choose programs they wouldn’t otherwise take as a result of travelling. 
  • Availability: Webinars can be watched live, or, if you can;t make that time, you can catch up on it later as it will have been recorded and sent to you.
  • Cost effective: It’s much cheaper as opposed to paying to travel to another part of the country. Webinars are a much cheaper alternative to buying books too.
  • Interactivity: For students who have questions, these can be asked during the webinar. Teachers are more approachable, and students are more comfortable asking as opposed to a room full of people.


ILSPA’s online webinar classes are the perfect option for someone who is thinking about studying the distance learning course, but doesn’t want to miss out on having a tutor. It is also beneficial for those who are unable to attend the evening class due to living outside of London or overseas.


When will the classes take place?

The classes will take place one evening a week from 6.30pm – 8.30pm, for 14 weeks. There will also be one lunchtime catch up session each week which will be arranged between the tutor and the students you will be studying with. You will not have to physically attend as everything can be accessed online from home via a link.


What will I learn on the course?

ILSPA’s Legal Secretaries Diploma course is equivalent to a Level 3 qualification. You will learn about the day-to-day tasks of a Legal Secretary, various areas of law, the legal profession and how the court system operates. The course also covers legal terminology, legal document production, how to complete legal forms and how to type professional correspondence. ILSPA’s qualification is recognised by law firms and legal recruiters.

This is an exclusive class with only 10 places available. If you would like to enrol, we recommend that you do so as soon as possible as this particular diploma course is very popular.

For more information, please take a look at ILSPA’s website here.