By DebbieH 16 Jan 2012 7 min read

Top 10 apps for lawyers

Smartphones and tablets are changing the way everyone does their job and this includes lawyers. There was only so much that you can fit in your briefcase but thanks to these devices you can now have your whole office at your fingertips, wherever you are. To make the most of these devices we have put together a list of the top 10 apps for lawyers. The list includes everything from legal dictionaries to expenses calculators that will suit both the working lawyer and the student alike.

iLegal: (iPad, iPhone: £39.99) Need to get the latest information of legislation right now? This app claims to give you access to the revised text of almost all UK, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales legislation, as well as Acts of Parliament of Great Britain and English Parliament. You don’t even need signal as most of the information can be accessed offline.

Remote Desktop: (iPhone, iPad: Free) We’ve all had the sinking feeling – the moment you realise that the file you desperately need is sitting on the desktop of your office computer and you’re miles away. With this app, you can connect to your Windows workstation computer and see all of your files and programs.

Dragon Dictation: (iPhone, iPad: Free) Need a portable court reporter? This app allows you to speak and instantly see your text. It is reportedly five times faster than typing on a keyboard.

Court Search: (Android: £9.99) This app gives you access to details of every Court in England and Wales. Get access to addresses, maps, contact details, as well as live Crown Court details and daily lists for the High Court.

Stanza: (iPhone, iPad: Free) Need to brush up on your case law? Use this app to download from over 100,000 books and periodicals to read on your phone or tablet. Or if you already have a selection of electronic books, you can read them using Stanza as well. You can change elements like font size and line spacing to customise and best suit your needs.

CrimeLine Law: (iPad, iPhone: £2.49) This app puts the Bailii database in your pocket, allowing quick and easy access to thousands of cases and statutes. It also allows you to bookmark cases or legislation for quick reference.

Black’s Law Dictionary: (iPhone, iPad, Android: $54.99) Though largely consisting of American legal terms, Black’s Law Dictionary is still the world’s most cited law book. It contains more than 45,000 terms, alternative spellings and even an audio pronunciation for those hard-to-say terms.

OfficeTime: (iPhone, iPad, Android: $7.99) Have trouble calculating your out of office time? This app can track your hours and expenses. You can even sync the app with OfficeTime for Mac or PC (sold separately) for simplicity.

Instapaper: (iPhone, iPad, Android: $4.99) Save web pages for offline reading.

TrialPad 2.1.4: (iphone, ipad: $89.90) This is a handy presentation tool developed specifically for the legal profession for use in trails and hearings. You can organise, manage, annotate, and store documents and video.

Photo by Judy Breck