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Everything you need to know about marketing on LinkedIn for Lawyers


Society’s constant changes pose a challenge not only to industrial manufacturing facilities but also to the service sector, particularly jurisprudence and everything related to it.

Furthermore, technological advancement forces lawyers to learn new strategies and learn to adapt quickly to keep up with the latest trends.


Can a lawyer successfully advertise their services on LinkedIn?

Innovation is the key to the legal profession’s future. It is a new norm, and one way to use technology is through legal products. Law firms typically sell services or talents, but they can also sell products that allow those same talents to be discovered.

It is possible and scalable for everyone by technology.


Can a lawyer use social networks for career promotion?

According to the 4th Annual Social Media Marketing Survey conducted by Attorney at Work, approximately 93% of survey respondents are now active on social media. More than two-thirds (71%) believe it is “very” or “somewhat” responsible for bringing in new business.

Only 60% of respondents considered social media to be part of their marketing strategy four years ago, but this figure has now risen to 85%. This result suggests that, with the proper support and strategies, lawyers can also benefit from social networks.


Why should a lawyer advertise themselves on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn, unlike social networks such as Facebook, is not designed for consumers.

Here are the main reasons why you should use LinkedIn as a lawyer:

  • Easy way to find new clients. It is a business social network that allows lawyers to reach out to companies rather than individuals. That is, if your customers are corporate entities, LinkedIn can help you connect with them. LinkedIn, for example, allows you to find a large number of clients who may require legal consultation, support, and protection if you specialise in labour relations or tax law for domestic or foreign companies.
  • Improves your reputation. It is an excellent platform for building a positive reputation through your work experience, client feedback, information about won cases, etc. LinkedIn also eliminates the possibility of fake comments, making it one of the more trustworthy platforms.
  • Makes you visible on Google Search. Google has its own system for displaying people’s and businesses’ profiles. When a client searches for your brand, he will almost certainly come across your LinkedIn profile.
  • It features high-quality content. LinkedIn can also aid in self-education and skill development. It contains a wealth of audio-visual content that you may find useful. Furthermore, LinkedIn, like any other social network, allows you to share your knowledge and experience with others by posting content. If you need review writing assistance, go to Online Writers Rating to get a high-quality piece of writing.


LinkedIn is a social networking site for professional and business networks. Here are some examples of lawyers and law firms that can benefit greatly from LinkedIn advertising:

  • Business lawyers
  • Insurance companies
  • Employment protection companies
  • Employer protection firms
  • Intermediaries
  • Any type of practice focusing on representing companies

Of course, there are always exceptions in every case. As a result, using LinkedIn is not a good idea for:

  • Criminal lawyers
  • Family lawyers
  • Trauma law firm
  • Any type of firm representing the interests of consumers and individuals


Types of advertising that lawyers can use on LinkedIn

When it comes to the types of self-service ads available for lawyers, one distinguishes the following ones:

Text ads

Text advertising allows you to include a logo for your company as well as a short offer or two describing who you are as a legal entity, your services, and your field of practice. You can get writing help from Best Writers Online to create the most appealing content.

As with the sponsored update, you will have the option of filtering near the parameters only for customers with high potential. You will be charged a fee in exchange for advertising clicks.

Sponsored content ads

Sponsored content advertising works the same way that updates on Facebook and LinkedIn profiles do, except that they appear on the lead update feed based on your settings, such as geographic location, professional title, skills, etc.

Every interaction you have, whether online or in-person, should help to build your brand – a brand that is unique to you and clearly shows what you offer and how you differ from your competitors


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