By Beth Lane 21 Sep 2022 6 min read

8 creative job hunting tips for 2022

You might have a good degree from a reputable university and an impressive CV in your hand, but you still might find it hard to land yourself a dream job. Searching for a new job is not only stressful but difficult and time-consuming as well. In the previous years, many people have seen their work lives turn upside down so it is believed that 2022 is the year that brings job security and stability into our lives. 

Job hunting has become a daunting task especially due to Covid-19 which has affected the employment status of many. People come up with various strategies for job hunting. If you’re looking for a change or want to make a lasting impression on the recruiters, you need to push all your boundaries to innovate and create. If you want job searching to be a less intimidating process, here are some job hunting tips to bring better career opportunities. 


  1. Reflect on your career objectives

You need to have a set of goals even before you start looking for a job. Having a clear aim and narrowing down your career path will help you pursue your goals. Without any career goal in life, you’ll appear indecisive at your workplace. Therefore you need to have a job that is the best fit for your personality. Career goals include salary expectations, job responsibilities, job title, etc. So, whenever you look for a new job, these goals should be in your mind. 


  1. Change your job hunting method

Your attitude defines how you search for jobs. Before starting your search for a specific role, write down a list of companies you want to work with. Check their career pages and see if there are any vacancies available. Other job searching tips include contacting agencies. This saves time as you learn about job vacancies that aren’t advertised yet. You may also reach out to industry professionals via LinkedIn – a platform that is a great tool for networking. 


  1. Utilise social media for your benefit

For many, platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram are merely for entertainment purposes or personal use. However, these tools are great for job hunting. Using keywords like ‘career’ or ‘job’ in Facebook search or Instagram can help you connect with the recruiter looking to build a team. Nowadays, companies also advertise their job vacancies on social media pages as they have more chances of visibility from people across the globe. You can also follow the business page of the company where you’re willing to work just to keep an eye on their job listing. 


  1. Start with professional networking

Networking is important at any point in your career. LinkedIn is a great platform to make connections. Speaking with industry professionals or connecting with peers on LinkedIn help you find great work opportunities. Developing connections either in person or interactively can broaden your network professionally. This also increases your chances of visibility. Your proactive approach makes you visible in front of recruiters. If you’re interested in joining a specific industry, attend the industry events to get insight into the company environment and its recruitment process. 


  1. Present an impressive CV

Hiring managers receive hundreds of applications every day; however, they look for potential candidates who stand out among the crowd. If you have an impactful CV, you’ll likely be shortlisted for an interview. Your CV must be creative yet professional. Too many gimmicks will lead you off track, which is a big no for recruiters. You must tailor your CV according to the company to which you’re applying. This boosts your chances of progressing with your application.


  1. Strategically search for jobs

When looking for a new job, you must strategically time your search. One of the best tips for finding a job is to apply during rush hour, the time period when there are a lot of vacancies in different companies. Though there is more competition during that time with numerous job postings, you’ll likely secure a place of employment or receive an interview call. 


  1. Enlist yourself in a recruitment agency

One of the productive things related to a job search is to enlist with an employment agency. The agency will provide a job that is a perfect fit for you so you are off the burden to search for jobs. The agency matches your skills and salary expectations with the jobs advertised. Recruitment agencies are a platform to explore different jobs and discover jobs that aren’t advertised yet. 


  1. Polish your skills and abilities 

There are certain transferable skills needed for all jobs. Besides, people also possess some soft skills that are easily transferable to every industry. Your skills must reflect in your CV so that you can expand your job search. Attributes including leadership skills, great communication, etc. are skills that all employers look for, no matter which industry they belong to. 


Frequently asked questions 

Which job will be the most demanding in 2022?

Due to the widespread of Covid-19, there are numerous job opportunities for skills-based professionals and those with digital experiences. They have more scope in the upcoming years. A few of those jobs include product manager, digital marketing specialist, cloud developer, UX designer, and data analyst. 


What job hunting method is the most effective?

Networking is considered to be the most effective method to secure and job and know about careers. Other methods including job fairs or responding to job postings are outdated. Those in search of jobs that are the perfect fit should focus on networking as it increases the chances of landing a job. 


How do I find a new job in 2022?

If you want to secure a job, you must utilise networking to rely on strong connections. You can also directly apply to the targeted companies. Also, LinkedIn is the best recruitment tool, provided that it is used wisely. It helps ensure a targeted job search, thus saving your time and efforts. 


How can I get my dream job in 2022? 

In order to get your dream job, first, focus on your personality. Next, consider all the skills you have and try to contemplate on your background. Brainstorm all the career goals you have and maintain a professional network. Update your work profile, specifically LinkedIn. Also, carefully prepare your resume and make sure it is impressive.


What are two suggestions for finding a job?

Main thing is to update your job resume and make sure it stands out among others. Try to be creative in your resume without adding any false details or skills. Secondly, you must do a follow up on your job status once you’re done with the interview. Try to look interested without being pushy.