By DebbieH 05 Sep 2018 7 min read

How to teach your children the ABCs of law

L is for Law is a new picture book aimed at demystifying legal concepts for kids.

L is for Law is a colourful introduction to the language of law for children of 0 – 5 years old. Author Veronica Goodman, features a legal term for each letter of the alphabet. Explaining her motivation behind the picture book, Goodman, who has also authored E for Economics, told Legal Cheek:

“I’m not trying to inspire an army of two-year-old lawyers — although toddlers can be very persuasive! I wrote the book to give lawyer parents and their children a new and entertaining way to connect and spend time with each other, while also teaching an important concept — the alphabet.”

Nicole Jones Sturk designed and illustrated the 32-page book, which includes relatable and entertaining designs.

But this isn’t the first legal-themed children’s book – The Supreme Court: A guide for bears, created by Isobel Williams, is a short picture book designed to serve an easy-to-read introduction to the Supreme Court and its function.

Lady Hale may also be the subject of a new children’s book, thanks to a summer crowdfunding appeal. The book, Judge Brenda: Equal to Everything tells the story of a girl raised in the North Yorkshire countryside who went on to become President of the Supreme Court. The crowdfunding appeal, backed by Legal Action Group (LAG), has already raised £11,500.

L is for Law can be purchased on Amazon, and is available for download on Kindle.