By RoxanneB 03 Jun 2021 6 min read

How to build your personal brand as a lawyer


When a certain company is chosen as a legal consultant not because it is “just some law firm” but because it is headed as “exactly that partner,” it is the influence of a developed personal brand of a lawyer. 

If the firm’s name is associated with a specific surname rather than a legal boutique or a specialisation within a full-service law firm, it is a recognisable personal brand of the leader.

When your law firm is not called “… and Your Name” by the public but you are known for your successes and achievements – kudos to you since we are talking about a strong personal brand.

That’s enough examples to see that branding is important, right?


Over the past few years, the role of a lawyers brand has become more critical, first, due to the growth of competition. Now, clients choose a lawyer based on many metrics.

Besides, although everyone talks a lot about the corporate essence of the legal business, the field of professional services has always connected the people who provide these services. Thus, the personality of a lawyer comes to the fore. 

It is a mistake to say that a personal brand is what you think and write about yourself and how you position your services. In fact, it’s what others say/write/think about you. It is necessary to control the information produced around your person and related to your professional activity.


First, define a few things:

  • your core values and how your practice represents them
  • what makes you and your practice different from others in the field
  • the experience you want clients to have with your firm
  • your passions and individual strengths

Make the following steps to build a strong personal brand.


Set goals and objectives

Once you have a clear idea of how you want to be seen, create goals and objectives to establish the brand. Both short and long-term goals will encourage you to stay motivated along the journey. Do you want to be a resource for legal news? Or maybe you want to share interesting information with your visitors? Check in with your goals every month to see how the progress goes.


Choose the right tools

Use external tools that will help to promote a lawyer brand that includes the following:

  • participation in professional events (first, as a simple participant, and later as a speaker or moderator)
  • organisation of client events within the company (business lunches, client seminars, training for clients)
  • writing articles (it is vital to find the right balance between articles in legal and business publications)
  • public communication through social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.);
  • writing guest posts for specific sites, etc.; look more to submit a press release.

Of course, social networks deserve special attention when it comes to promoting a personal brand. Nowadays, everyone has the opportunity to create and develop their platform – an account(s) on social networks. Social media influencers and thought leaders are successfully converting popularity in favour of their own business.


Be consistent

When a lawyer announces themselves as an expert in a certain subject, all their public manifestations (posts on social media, publications, speeches) must be consistent with it. Otherwise, it is better to stay away from loud claims.

There is always another option – to recommend someone else. This will show your level of market awareness and strengthen relations with the media and the event’s organisers.


Keep integrity

The virtual and real brands must match. If a lawyer demonstrates perfect social media behaviour but behaves rudely in real life, it looks disharmonious. There are already some expectations from the specialist because of their image.


Be systematic

You need to express yourself and constantly remind about your brand to customers, partners, and the media. This should not happen from time to time when inspiration comes, but systematically. Regular reminders give you better chances of attracting new projects.


Choose a content marketing strategy

In order to establish your brand and stay on top, you need to show up in a lot of places online. And this requires producing content on a regular basis.

Regular blogging is one of the best ways to keep your name out there, and your content should be distributed across all the social media platforms with your profiles, so it gets into the hands of those you are/want to be connected with.

As for internal tools, they are all regarding client work and interaction with colleagues. As a result, an attorney can become known as a trusted advisor and a mentor, maybe even a thought leader.

Nowadays, new clients hire a lawyer, not a law firm. Your reputation will speak louder than any marketing campaign, so you need to develop a stand-out lawyer personal brand. And it not only shows others who you are and what your practice represents but gives you a daily reminder to stay true to your vision and mission.


Author Marie Barnes. – Photo by Hunters Race on Unsplash