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Frequently asked questions

Solicitors advise the clients regarding essential courses of legal action. They work with groups, individuals, corporate companies, public organisations, and individuals. They also research cases and draft legal documents. They represent clients in the court and coordinate with barristers. They represent and defend their client’s interests and provide specialist legal advice pertaining to different areas of law.

You will need a minimum of 5 GCSEs at grade C or above including English and Maths to be eligible for applying to a law degree. You will need two A levels and three A levels at A grade for qualifying to get enrolled for popular courses. How to answer What can you bring to this role is a core question in the Solicitor job interview. So, you should be prepared to answer it.

The average per annum income for solicitors varies depending on the law firm and area of practice. Overall, the solicitor salary is quite good, and commercial solicitors are entitled to benefits like performance bonuses, increments, and paying trainees stipends while they are studying for their legal Practice Course. Large firms offer more incentives and perks to solicitors.

Solicitor jobs are among the most valued ones and being a solicitor is quite an esteemed and admirable profession in the UK. The role is not only monetarily rewarding but has brilliant career prospects. You can gain experience and excel in this position to get associated with one of the leading corporate or other law firms.

Excellent communication skills both verbal and written are required for the job. Solicitors ought to be resilient, flexible, and attentive to detail. They need to have the team spirit and sector awareness in which they intend to work. Explore the latest solicitors’ positions in leading law firms on Simply Law Jobs!


Solicitor Job Description

Solicitors offer legal advice to the clients and represent them when and if required. They work in different sectors like commerce, local and central government institutions, the armed forces, and private practice. They conduct research regarding the cases and draft legal documents. They liaise with the clients and professionals like barristers. They advise companies and individuals on legal matters such as property conveyancing, divorce settlement, joint custody, and more. Solicitors working in the corporate sector offer assistance to clients regarding transactions and lawsuits. They can be asked to draw the contracts for commercial companies’ mergers. Solicitor jobs also involve appearing in courts or tribunals on behalf of the clients. 

Solicitor Job Responsibilities 

The day-to-day responsibilities of the solicitors include representing and defending clients’ legal interests and giving expert legal advice on different matters. Working in the commercial sector, they help the companies with business transactions. They protect individuals’ rights, ensuring that they are being treated rightly by the public or private organisations. They resolve disputes between the parties inside the court. They handle the legal aspects of a client’s personal or business matters, for example, drafting a will or providing assistance for acquiring and merging companies. They do thorough research on relevant laws for advising the clients accurately. Senior solicitors provide guidance to junior solicitors and paralegals. 

Skills Required to Build Solicitor Careers 

Excellent communication skills both verbal and written are required for the job. An individual with intellect and the ability to work hard will better fit in the role. Dedication and commitment are essential for soliciting. Attention to detail will help in being scrupulous with conducting research, giving advice, and preparing documents. Organisation skills will come in handy for determining the priority of different tasks. Problem-solving skills will aid in coming up with solutions to legal issues. The ability to adapt and work in a team are essential for the position. Finding your desired job and applying to it quickly has been made easy by Simply Law Jobs!