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Procurement contracts are purchase agreements between a procuring entity or supplier and a successful bidder or purchaser. Procurement and contract law entails the legal guidelines regarding the buying of goods, it defines the rights and responsibilities of both the sellers and the buyers. The law governs the acquisition and procurement of goods, services, technology, electricity, and construction materials.

The contracts and procurement law jobs are contracts lawyers, procurement lawyers, contracts and procurement solicitors, procurement legal counsels, commercial contracts and procurement lawyers, locum commercial contracts lawyers, procurement solicitors, and contracts paralegals. The qualification requirements for contracts and procurement lawyers and solicitors are being a lawyer or solicitor with a minimum of three years of PQE and excellent communication skills.

The average per annum income for contracts and procurement legal jobs differs depending on the kind of position, job responsibilities, experience/skills required, and the employer. Overall, the lawyers, solicitors, legal counsels, and paralegals working in contracts and procurement law make good money. They are offered competitive salary packages with benefits like flexible working arrangements and personal development opportunities.

Lawyers, solicitors, legal counsels, and paralegals having a keen interest in contracts and procurement law can make a brilliant career in this practice area. Most procurement law jobs have varied responsibilities allowing the lawyers, solicitors, and paralegals to enhance their knowledge and skills making the work more rewarding and paving the way for professional progression.

Currently, there are plenty of contracts and procurement law jobs in the UK. As long as the procuring/buying companies, organisations and government need legal guidance and support regarding procurement and contracts, the law roles will stay in demand. An appealing and easy-to-screen professional profile will boost your chances of getting hired. Build it now on Simply Law Jobs!


What are Contracts and Procurement Law Jobs Like

The different contracts and procurement law jobs are contracts lawyers, contracts and procurement solicitors, procurement lawyers, commercial contracts and procurement lawyers, procurement legal counsels, locum commercial contracts lawyers, contracts paralegals, and procurement solicitors. The eligibility criteria for contracts and procurement lawyers are having a law degree with good knowledge of public procurement and service contracts. For procurement lawyer positions, 3-5 years of post-qualified procurement experience and expertise are needed. To apply for legal counsel procurement jobs the potential candidates are required to have proven experience in drawing and negotiating supplier agreements. They must also have a comprehensive understanding of IP and data protection laws pertaining to supplying goods and services. 

Contracts and Procurement Law Jobs’ Responsibilities

Contracts and procurement lawyers give legal advice and assistance regarding contracts, procurement, corporate and commercial law, data protection, and competition law. They act on behalf of the clients that can be a local authority in respect of the procurement of contracts like concession contracts, building and construction contracts, and contracts for works and services. Reviewing, drafting, negotiating, and advising on complex procurement contracts is in the procurement lawyer job description.  Commercial contracts and procurement lawyers deal with commercial contracts, grants, public law, and intellectual property. The procurement legal counsels provide strategic advice regarding large-scale contracts and procurement. They help ensure that a business’s reputation and legal rights are well-protected. 

Skills Required for Building Contracts and Procurement Law Careers 

Strong drafting and interpretive skills are required for lawyers, solicitors, legal counsels, and paralegals aspiring to pursue contracts and procurement law careers. Stellar communication skills are required for procurement legal jobs as interacting within and outside the team and representing the clients require good interpersonal and speaking skills. Familiarity with the contracts management software will help the lawyers, legal counsels, and paralegals to get the work done efficiently. Individuals with commercial propensity and information analysis and research skills will better fit in the contracts and procurement law roles. Get job alerts for vacancies matching your preferred practice area by signing into Simply Law Jobs!