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Planning law entails the binding and mandatory rules and regulations related to land use planning and building. The law covers the different aspects of land development and also provides guidelines on how to deal with disputes. In the UK, the local government governs the planning system, so all the applications and unauthorised development matters are handled by the government.

Planning law jobs are planning lawyers, planning solicitors, planning law consultants, and planning law paralegals. The qualification requirements for planning lawyer and solicitor vacancies are having a law degree with 3 or more years of PQE in planning law. For senior planning lawyer positions, employers prefer candidates with extensive knowledge of the legal/financial framework governing the local government.

The average per annum income for planning lawyer jobs and planning solicitor, paralegal, and consultant vacancies vary depending on the factors like the kind of position, experience/expertise required, job responsibilities, and the employer. Overall, the planning legal jobs are well-paid and the law workers are offered competitive salary packages with benefits like flexible working hours, performance-based rewards, and more.

Lawyers, solicitors, paralegals, and consultants who have an interest and inclination to excel in planning law can make a brilliant career in it. The work is diverse as it ranges from providing advice on planning matters to drafting agreements. Honing the advisory and other skills and managing a mixed caseload will make the job more promising and financially rewarding.

Currently, there are plenty of planning solicitor vacancies and planning lawyer, paralegal, and consultant job openings in the UK. As long as the individuals and construction companies need guidance and support regarding planning law, there is likely to be a demand for these roles. Expedite your job search by filtering the listings matching your qualifications. Sign into Simply Law Jobs!


What are Planning Law Jobs Like

The planning law jobs are planning lawyers, planning solicitors, planning law consultants, planning law paralegals, and planning partners. The eligibility criteria for planning lawyers are being a qualified lawyer, solicitor, or barrister with PQE in planning law. For the principal lawyer or senior roles, detailed knowledge and understanding of the relevant legislation, legal framework and decision-making processes of the local government are essential.  Employers prefer candidates with sound technical knowledge of planning law and a client-focused approach for this role. For planning law paralegal roles, the applicants need to have a genuine interest in the sector and experience working with the local planning authority. 

Planning Law Jobs’ Responsibilities

Planning lawyers deal with a variety of matters pertaining to planning law. They review the committee reports and draft agreements. They manage and progress a caseload of planning law matters to completion. They deal with planning disputes, provide advice on planning law issues and negotiate and draft agreements under section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990. The senior lawyers can be asked to assist the junior team members when required. Planning solicitors advise the clients on different aspects of town and country planning and environmental issues. They handle cases including compulsory purchase, portfolio acquisitions and disposals, environmental impact, and minerals planning. 

Skills Required for Building Planning Law Careers 

Excellent communication skills both verbal and written and a customer-focused approach are mandatory for lawyers, solicitors, and paralegals aspiring to pursue their careers in planning law. Technical knowledge relevant to planning law is needed for planning law jobs. Organisation and time management skills will help with effectively handling a heavy caseload. Critical thinking and negotiation skills are required for the planning lawyers and solicitors to suggest well-thought-out solutions to issues and disputes. Individuals with commercial acumen and client handling skills will better fit in the planning law roles. Skip answering complex questions and create your professional profile in minimal time with less effort on Simply Law Jobs!