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Pharmaceutical law entails the rules and regulations governing the manufacturing, selling, distribution, and usage of different medicinal drugs. The law provides protection to pharmaceutical companies’ research and guides on maintaining testing and safety standards prior to launching the drugs and making them available to the public. The law covers intellectual property rights for pharmaceutical discoveries and guidelines on prescribing drugs.

The pharmaceutical legal jobs are pharmaceutical lawyers, pharmaceutical patent lawyers, pharmaceutical patent attorneys, pharmaceutical paralegals, and pharmaceutical legal counsels. The qualification requirements for pharmaceutical lawyers are having a law degree with at least 5 or more years of PQE in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, or relevant field. The ability to draft and negotiate clinical research agreements is also essential for the role.

The average per annum income for legal jobs in pharmaceutical industry varies depending on the kind of position, experience/skills required, job responsibilities, and the employer. Overall, pharmaceutical lawyers, legal counsels, and paralegals make good money. They are offered competitive remuneration packages with benefits like learning and development opportunities, healthcare plans, performance bonuses, and more.

The lawyers, paralegals, and legal counsels having the drive to excel in this practice area can make a lucrative career in it. The work ranges from licencing to drawing agreements and intellectual property cases. Most pharmaceutical law jobs have promising professional progression prospects and targeted bonuses for achieving certain milestones which make these legal roles professionally and financially rewarding.

Currently, there are plenty of pharma legal jobs in the UK. As long as the pharmaceutical companies need legal support regarding licences, contracts, and intellectual property rights for their discoveries, pharmaceutical lawyers, legal counsels, and paralegals will stay in demand. Filter your job search by getting alerts for vacancies matching your skill-set and work experience. Sign into Simply Law Jobs!


What are Pharmaceutical Law Jobs Like

The pharmaceutical law job roles are pharmaceutical lawyers, pharmaceutical patent lawyers, pharmaceutical patent attorneys, pharmaceutical legal counsels, and pharmaceutical paralegals. The eligibility criteria for pharmaceutical lawyer jobs are having a law degree and around 5 or more years of experience working with pharmaceutical or biotechnology clients or companies. Experience in drafting R&D contracts including the research, clinical and strategic alliances for development agreements is also required for the positions. Pharmaceutical patent lawyers/attorneys need to be qualified lawyers and attorneys with up to 5 years of PQE in pharmaceutical law. Commercial awareness and the ability to grasp business development concepts are desirable for these roles. 

Pharmaceutical Law Jobs’ Responsibilities 

Pharmaceutical lawyers provide practical legal advice regarding the different business matters to pharma clients. They draft and negotiate agreements that include sponsored search, and collaboration agreements with academic research institutions. Handling issues related to pharmaceutical and medical device marketing activities are also in the pharmaceutical lawyer job description. Pharmaceutical patent lawyers and attorneys give clients strategic IP advice and draft and prosecute patent applications for a range of pharmaceutical companies. They guide the new clients through the patent process.  Pharmaceutical legal counsels are responsible for giving expert legal support to the country managers and regional teams. They are the point of contact for important business contracts. 

Skills Required to Build Pharmaceutical Law Careers 

Stellar communication skills both verbal and written with an excellent command of the English Language are required for pharma legal jobs. Strong interpersonal skills and effective time management skills are mandatory for lawyers, legal counsels, and paralegals aspiring to work in pharmaceutical law. Analytical thinking skills and attention to detail are important for pharmaceutical patent lawyers to quickly come up with well-thought-out solutions to client issues. Individuals with commercial propensity and the ability to work on their own will better fit in the pharmaceutical law roles. Improve the chances of getting hired by a sought-after employer by creating an easy-to-screen professional profile on Simply Law Jobs!