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Military law entails the rules and regulations that govern the employment, protection of rights, and other aspects of military personnel’s lives. It covers the code of conduct for the army officers, it provides the guidelines on activities they can’t engage in while in service and procedures of trials or court-martial. The law also protects the soldiers against unfair trials.

The military law jobs are military lawyers, military paralegals, and legal officers. To work as a military lawyer or solicitor, the potential candidates are required to have a law degree with extensive and updated knowledge of military law. The PQE can vary for different positions but all employers seek lawyers who have handled cases under the jurisdiction of military courts.

The average per annum income of a military lawyer and military paralegal salary varies depending on the kind of position, job responsibilities, expertise/experience needed for a role, and the employer. Overall, the army lawyers, paralegals, and legal officers make good money, they are offered competitive remuneration packages with benefits like career progression opportunities, healthcare plans, and more.

Lawyers, solicitors, attorneys, paralegals, and legal officers working in military law can make a brilliant career in this practice area. This field of law comes with promising prospects for those who have an interest and inclination to stand out in their respective roles. Law workers who have a forte for handling court-martial cases can excel in military law.

Currently, there are plenty of army law jobs in the UK. As long as the British army and officers/soldiers need legal support and assistance regarding court trials and other matters, there is likely to be a demand for military lawyers, solicitors, and legal officers. Explore the latest job listings by sought-after employers on Simply Law Jobs!


What are Military Law Jobs Like 

The army legal jobs are military lawyers, army lawyers, military solicitors, military attorneys, military paralegals, and military legal officers. The eligibility criteria for military lawyers and solicitors can slightly differ depending on the kind of role and expertise required but the essential requirements are having a law degree with insightful knowledge and understanding of the military law. The post-qualification experience in handling military legal cases is also needed for the army lawyer and solicitor positions. To practise in the military court, the lawyers, solicitors, and attorneys need to have the litigation and advisory skills to handle military, international law, and other relevant cases. 

Military Law Jobs’ Responsibilities

Military lawyers and solicitors represent and defend their clients in the military courts. They work with military personnel on criminal and civil cases. The army lawyers and solicitors provide legal counsel to their clients and prepare them for trials. They can also be sought for assistance and guidance in post-trial activities. Arguing cases before the military court and liaising with the witnesses are also included in the military lawyer job description. The military lawyers and solicitors interpret the complex laws and explain them in an easy-to-understand manner to their clients. They can be asked to prepare military handbooks and advise the senior army officers on legal matters. 

Skills Required to Build Military Law Careers 

Stellar public speaking skills are a must-have for lawyers and solicitors aspiring to work in military law. Excellent communication skills both verbal and written are important for military law jobs as all of them require interacting with the people and drafting documents. Attention to detail and analytical thinking skills are needed for army lawyers and solicitor positions. Good organisation and administrative skills are essential for military paralegals. Individuals with high levels of emotional intelligence and the ability to research and learn new legal concepts will better fit in the military law roles. Simplify your job search by building a quick professional profile on Simply Law Jobs!