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Frequently asked questions

The legal counsels give legal advice and provide guidelines and assistance in their respective or specialised law fields. They often work with a business department, stakeholders, or executives for giving an expert opinion or devising a course of action for dealing with a legal issue or matter. Some of the popular practice areas for legal counsels include finance.

The different kinds of legal counsel careers include legal counsels finance, education legal counsels, in-house legal counsels, junior legal counsels, senior legal counsels, commercial or corporate legal counsels, and legal counsels HR. The eligibility criteria for working in a legal counsel role are having a lawyer or solicitor degree with PQE in the relevant practice field.

The average per annum income for legal counsel vacancies varies depending on the factors like the kind of position, the expertise and experience required for a role, job responsibilities, and the employer. Overall, the legal counsels working in finance, energy companies, commercial sector, education, HR, and other fields make good money, they are offered competitive salary packages with benefits.

You can make a lucrative career as a legal counsel in your desired field if you have the passion and drive to excel in the role. Most legal counsel jobs come with promising career progression and development opportunities. Gaining experience and honing your advisory and drafting skills while working on different legal matters will make the work more financially rewarding.

Currently, there are plenty of job openings for legal counsels in finance, education, energy, commercial and other industries. As long as the organisations need legal advice and support regarding governance matters, processes, and practices, there will be a demand for these positions. Check out the latest law job listings by top employers on Simply Law Jobs!


What are Legal Counsel Jobs Like

The legal counsel jobs in different sectors are finance legal counsels, education legal counsels, legal counsels in the energy sector, corporate or commercial legal counsels, in-house legal counsels, HR legal counsels, and senior legal counsels. The finance legal counsels are required to be qualified lawyers with a PQE of more than two years with commercial contracts, intellectual property, and data protection. To apply for the position of education legal counsel, the candidates ought to be qualified solicitors with demonstrable experience in advising on commercial contracts, and data protection law with exceptional drafting and negotiation skills. Commercial legal counsels must have 2 plus years of PQE in drawing and reviewing agreements. 

Legal Counsel Jobs’ Responsibilities 

Legal counsels working in the education sector provide legal advice in relation to the areas like commercial contracts, corporate structuring and governance, consumer law matters, regulatory compliance, data protection, marketing, and intellectual property. Commercial legal counsels are given the remit of the commercial contracts along with handling the legal aspects of strategic initiatives across the business, live events, sponsorships, e-commerce and branding matters, and the running of the IP portfolio. Providing legal guidelines on a company’s sectorial matters and employment law can also be in the legal counsel job description. Senior legal counsels work with the product and finance teams to provide them with legal direction.

Skills Required for Building Legal Counsel Careers 

Proven commercial drafting, reviewing, and negotiation expertise is required for pursuing legal counsel careers. Strong negotiation skills, an eye for detail, and excellent communication skills are required for legal counsels aspiring to work in the commercial sector. Problem-solving skills will prove helpful in coming up with well-thought-out solutions to issues and resolving disputes. The ability to lead projects and advise stakeholders is needed for senior legal counsel jobs. Individuals with the capability to present and deliver legal advice to businesses and organisations will better fit in the legal counsel roles. Creating your professional profile will add appeal to your job application. Build it now with Simply law Jobs!