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Frequently asked questions

To become a legal assistant, you need to have an associate's degree in paralegal studies, paralegal certificate, or Bachelor's degree preferably. Along with that, you may require 1-5 years of experience as an administrative assistant, legal assistant, legal secretary, or paralegal (ideally at a law firm or corporate legal department). This requirement varies from employer to employer.

A legal assistant program might take anywhere from eight months to a year to complete. That could even include a practicum or an internship, which allows you to obtain valuable experience in a law office before finishing your school.

Paralegals are usually concerned with the details of the law and regulations, whereas Legal Assistant job description includes a broader range of responsibilities. If you want a more hands-on legal job, a Paralegal might be a better fit. To further get an idea about Legal Assistant jobs responsibilities, you can visit Simply Law Jobs.

The legal assistants assist lawyers with a number of activities, including file maintenance and organisation, legal research, and document drafting. They communicate with the clients and document all the case evidence. These legal assistants also get in touch with the court officers to confirm the dates for trials.

The legal assistant career has a promising future and good growth prospects. Those who work as a legal assistant gain valuable experience, get to know about the legal industry and all the regulations. With the passage of time, this exposure can help you become a professional lawyer in the future.


Legal Assistant Job Description

By providing secretarial services and other supportive measures for lawyers, a legal assistant improves the efficiency of a law company. While there is some secretarial labour involved, such as answering phones, making appointments, and filing documents, there are also responsibilities like attending court proceedings and conducting research for a specific case. According to the Legal Assistant job description, a Legal Assistant must be able to multitask, communicate effectively, exercise sound judgment, and maintain the confidentiality of information and processes. Depending on the size of the firm and the number of cases handled, a legal assistant may work with one or more lawyers at the same time. To find out more about legal assistant vacancies, you can visit UK's most prominent law job search board known as Simply Law Jobs

Legal Assistant Job Responsibilities

As a Legal Assistant, you are responsible for gathering evidence and other legal papers, studying them and organising them for attorney review and case preparation. They draft and proofread legal documents such as pleadings, contracts, and correspondence. Along with that, they research laws, regulations, and legal publications to aid in the development of reports, case files, and legal advice. Managing client billing by drafting, finalising, and sending out bills and working with the billing attorney to resolve billing difficulties is also part of their job. These assistants are also responsible for assisting with general administrative tasks such as keeping the attorney's schedule up to date and making travel arrangements.

Skills Required to Build A Legal Assistant Career

To write and deliver professional court documents, you must have a strong English language, grammar, and legal vocabulary. Then outstanding communication is required. In many circumstances, the legal assistant is responsible for keeping track of schedules, scheduling appointments, and communicating with clients and witnesses, all of which necessitates flawless communication. Organising abilities also help you in building your career. A Legal Assistant resume should highlight organisational talents, ranging from organising documents inside an internal law library to coordinating schedules. Your typing speed of 60 to 80 words per minute is preferred. Speedy typing is essential with a significant quantity of court documents to prepare and deliver, all due on short deadlines.