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IT Security Operations Analysts identify an organisation’s cyber vulnerabilities and protect IT infrastructure that consists of software, hardware, and networks. They analyse the security threats and provide reports on them. They also detect intrusion attempts and false alarms. They work in the capacity of offering consultancy or protecting the security of a company.

Entering this profession is possible without a degree by starting an entry-level job and gaining experience and certifications to move your way up to a senior position. However, employers recruiting for IT Security Operations Analyst jobs may prefer a degree in information security, network engineering, or mathematics. Most companies are interested in candidates having experience in a particular area.

The average per annum income for IT Security Operations Analyst vacancies vary depending on the factors like the employer, kind of position, and job responsibilities. Overall, the IT Security Operations Analysts are offered competitive salary packages with benefits like medical insurance, a pension scheme, and career development opportunities. Experienced and senior analysts earn more.

IT Security Operations Analysts are in high demand in the UK. If you work hard to gain experience and knowledge to improve your skills, the chances of you scoring a job at a sought-after company will increase. Search for the latest IT operations jobs in the UK on Simply Law Jobs!

Getting a job in cyber security without experience is difficult but not impossible. You can explore the IT training courses for people with no background or experience. Reading about the latest technology and networking with people from the industry will help you with improving the prospects of getting recruited at an entry-level position.


IT Security Operations Analyst Job Description 

IT Security Operations Analysts assist an organisation with protecting against cyber threats using a range of technologies and knowledge to detect them. They provide protection to the IT infrastructure from all sorts of privacy invasion and other criminal activities. They help in investigating the security events and ensure that the confidentiality of the data isn’t compromised. They play their part in maintaining the security architecture, processes, policies, and frameworks. They handle the security-related incidents and prepare reports and courses of action to deal with them. Providing support in the technical investigations in case of an attack is also in IT Security Operations Analyst job description. 

IT Security Operations Analyst Job Responsibilities 

The routine responsibilities of IT Security Operations Analysts include conducting research and assessing possible cyber security threats and finding ways to manage them. They prepare plans for disaster recovery and handle security breaches in an efficient manner. They work on designing new security systems or upgrading/improving the existing ones. They detect the security alerts and devise incident responses accordingly. They coordinate with the stakeholders regarding cyber security and suggest solutions for the most imminent issues. Preparing reports for the technical and other staff is also the responsibility of IT Security Operations Analysts. They can be asked to guide the staff on spam. 

Skills Required to Build IT Security Operations Analyst Careers 

Passion for cybersecurity and stellar IT skills are essential for the job as it involves utilising the latest techniques for detecting threats and protecting the IT infrastructure. Written communication skills will come in handy for writing reports and recommendations. The ability to multitask will help in juggling the different tasks. Organisation and time management skills will aid with prioritising day-to-day work and completing it according to the deadlines. Attention to detail is a must for accurately analysing security issues. The capability to cope with challenges and stress is also needed for this position. Apply to your desired position in IT operations and management through Simply Law Jobs!