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Housing law entails the legal guidelines on various areas pertaining to housing like possession, regulation and licensing, unlawful conviction, homelessness, breach of contract, and landlord and tenant issues/disputes. The law governs tenancy and other legal agreements regarding housing. It also covers the legal aspects of property disrepair, non-payment of rent, and harassment cases against a tenant or the landlord. 

The housing law jobs are housing lawyers, housing solicitors, housing litigation solicitors, social housing solicitors, housing disrepair case handlers, housing law paralegals, locum housing legal officers, housing disrepair lawyers, and housing litigation specialists. The qualification requirements for housing lawyer positions are being a qualified solicitor or legal executive with a minimum of 3 years of experience and good IT skills. 

The average per annum income for housing law vacancies differs depending on the factors like the kind of position, experience/expertise required, job responsibilities, and the employer. Overall, housing lawyers, solicitors, litigation specialists, and paralegals make good money. They are offered competitive remuneration packages with benefits like annual leaves, a pension plan, a flexible and agile working environment, and healthcare. 

Lawyers, solicitors, litigation specialists, and paralegals having a keen interest in housing law can make a bright career in it. Handling a diverse housing law caseload spanning different tenures, litigation matters, and disputes hones the advisory and other skills making the work more rewarding. Most housing legal jobs come with personal and professional development opportunities.

Currently, there are plenty of housing lawyer jobs and housing solicitor, paralegal, and other vacancies in the UK. As long as legal advice and assistance are required regarding housing contracts, settling disputes, unlawful eviction, and other matters, these law roles will stay in demand. Make your job application easy to screen by building a professional profile on Simply Law Jobs!


What are Housing Law Jobs Like 

The housing law jobs are housing litigation solicitors, housing law paralegals, housing lawyers, social housing solicitors, housing solicitors, housing disrepair case handlers, housing litigation specialists, housing disrepair lawyers, and locum housing legal officers. The eligibility criteria for housing lawyer jobs include a minimum of 3 years of experience in handling housing law matters as a solicitor or legal executive, proficiency in housing litigation, and excellent client care skills. The qualification requirements for housing litigation solicitor positions are having experience in all aspects of housing law and a thorough understanding of the Housing Act 1988 and 1996. To apply for housing paralegal vacancies, the potential candidates must have a law degree. 

Housing Law Jobs’ Responsibilities

Housing lawyers handle a mixed caseload of housing matters that include repossession, social housing, homelessness, eviction, community care matters, and disrepair claims. Housing litigation solicitors deal with housing management cases like injunction applications, possession proceedings, and landlord and tenant issues. They draft pleadings and written statements and attend the civil courts’ hearings. Housing paralegals provide support with the casework with broad housing law matters. They attend to the clients, take instructions from them and prepare the cases. They handle the correspondence and make sure that file management is complied with. House disrepair case handlers work on the disrepair cases from inception through completion. 

Skills Required for Building Housing Law Careers

Detailed knowledge and understanding of the important housing legislative acts are important for the lawyers, solicitors, and litigation specialists aspiring to build their careers in housing law. Stellar communication skills both verbal and written and strong IT skills are required for housing lawyer jobs. Analytical thinking and problem-solving skills are needed for providing solutions to housing legal issues and settling disputes. Individuals with excellent client care skills and the ability to efficiently manage a busy caseload will better fit in the housing law roles. Want to get alerts for vacancies that are relevant to your skill set? Sign into Simply Law Jobs for getting filtered notifications for job openings!