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Frequently asked questions

Divorce and separation, child contact and adoption, Local Authority care orders, and financial settlements are all handled by Family Lawyers. To find your desired family law jobs, you can visit Simply Law Jobs, UK's leading job search board.

You will require at least five GCSEs (or equivalent Level 2 qualifications) with a grade of 4/C or higher in Math, English Language, and Science to study law. Because courses are competitive, you should strive for the greatest possible grades.

Academic grades are significantly weighted in application procedures in the legal profession. The general prerequisites for most workplaces are a grade at A-level and GCSE, at least a 2:1 in your degree, and at least a commendation on the GDL and LPC, or 'very competent' on the BPTC.

They represent clients in court in complex divorce and domestic abuse cases and oversee family estates and provide advice on adoption and guardianship. They also record interviews of witnesses and gather all relevant information which is presented to the court.

Those who do family law paralegal jobs work on various tasks in the field of family law, including preparing court documents, drafting motions, conducting legal research, and executing essential administrative responsibilities.


What is Family/ Matrimonial Law?

Matrimonial, financial, and child law are the three primary practice areas in family law. Many Lawyers focus on either matrimonial or child law, while others work with a diverse range of clients. Domestic violence, guardianship, child abuse, and neglect are possible topics. Inheritance law, retirements, pensions, and other benefits are examples of different issues. They can also help with pre-nuptial agreements to safeguard a couple's financial interests before they marry and divorce and civil partnership dissolution. In addition, some Family Lawyers may handle adoption, paternity, reproductive rights, emancipation, and other non-divorce-related issues.

Family / Matrimonial Law Job Responsibilities

Divorce and separation, child contact and adoption, Local Authority care orders, and financial settlements are all handled by Family Lawyers. When representing a client seeking a divorce, Lawyers are responsible for gathering initial information, including economic evidence, preparing required documentation, negotiating settlements and child contact or residency, referring to mediation, and advocating for the client in court. Instructing Counsel and accompanying Counsel to court may also be part of the job. Child law attorneys may also represent parties in child welfare procedures, such as parents, children, or local governments. You can visit the UK's leading job search board, Simply Law Jobs, to find your desired family law jobs. 

Skills Required to Build Family / Matrimonial Law Career

Before applying for the family solicitor vacancies, you must be familiar with the legislation in which you practise. When representing a client, it is critical to have excellent attention to detail not to overlook any data or facts. These abilities are required for determining which arguments will hold up in court and how to present them effectively. To appropriately defend their clients' interests, Family Lawyers must grasp the various stages of development in children.