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Frequently asked questions

A court officer has to keep the courtroom well-prepared before a case hearing. The officers escort the sheriff and justice to and from the court. They also assist them with their requirements like calling witnesses and producing the evidence. They distribute the internal court papers and make sure that the court reference guides are updated.

There is not a particular degree requirement for court officer jobs, however, studying administration, English, Maths, and ICT subjects will make your application more relevant. Knowledge of the court processes and methods of enforcement is required for the position, the selected candidates are given specialised training for skill development and a better understanding of the assigned tasks.

The average per annum salary for court officer vacancies can vary depending on the employer, whether the position is full or part-time, job responsibilities, and required experience. The position is among the well-paid ones and the court officers are offered benefits like employee assistance programmes, annual leaves, training opportunities, flexible working schedules, and more.

The job is satisfying for those who have an interest in becoming a part of the court proceedings. Moreover, you can make good money while being a court officer and there are growth opportunities if you excel in this position and refine your skills during the course of your career.

Court officers usually wear a uniform or you can identify them by their badges. They have to stand inside or outside the courtroom and call the witnesses and other people during the court proceedings. Looking for court officer jobs in the UK? For the latest advertised posts, try Simply Law Jobs!


Court Officer Job Description

Court Officers primarily prep the courtroom before a case hearing. They have to ensure that everything is in order before the proceeding begins. They escort the judge or sheriff to the court and on their way back. These officers work with the police officers, security personnel, and court clerks to make certain that all the work is done in an organised manner. Keeping the names of the witnesses ready and calling them as asked is also in the Court Officer job description. The Court Officers are required to perform their duties in courtrooms mainly but they also work in the offices and on reception desks.

Court Officer Job Responsibilities 

The responsibilities of Court Officers include calling witnesses, handling and handing over the evidence items, showing CCTV evidence, and informing the jurors and witnesses about the status of court proceedings. They have to answer the phone calls and direct the witnesses to the designated places. They make sure that the security standards aren’t compromised inside the court and there are no instances of misconduct. Taking the cheques and cash to the bank at the end of each day is also the responsibility of Court Officers. They do the administrative work like photocopying the documents and distributing the court papers along with handling the opening and closing of the court building. 

Skills Required to Build a Court Officer Career 

Communication skills are essential for the job as it requires interacting with the juror, witnesses, and team members. Reliability and dependability are the qualities that are a must-have for Court Officers. Attention to detail is also required for the position as without being scrupulous it gets tricky to manage the different tasks especially handling the evidence and producing it responsibly. Good people skills, especially geniality and treating everyone with respect are needed for the role. Time management and administrative skills will help with organising the different tasks and completing them on time. Simply Law Jobs has diverse law job listings by top employers in the UK!