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Frequently asked questions

Competition law is part of the European Union policy that ensures healthy and strong competition amongst European companies. A competition policy, in real life, plays out with the aid of various instruments like large businesses and corporations.

The European Union has created this competition policy in order to encourage and regulate competition amongst different companies in Europe. The main purpose of this competition is to ensure the prevention of formation of cartels and monopolies.

The European Union’s antitrust and competition policy stands in stark opposition to the formation of monopolies and cartels through agreements between companies. Apart from this, these policies also inhibit abusing a dominating market position.

If you wish to be eligible to apply to any available competition lawyer jobs, you are required to be a part of the European Commission, together with the national competition authorities, that implement this law and also regulate its various facets.

The violation of anti-trust law is considered a felony, and is usually punishable by heavy fines or prison time. Legal practitioners take up such cases and ensure dispensation of justice. Explore the latest competition law jobs by visiting Simply Law Jobs.


What are Competition Law Jobs Like? 

Competition law or antitrust policy is formed, implemented, and regulated by the European Union, and is used to prevent any sort of harmful monopoly in the market that may provide harm to the society. The implementation of this policy is not a single step process, but a highly complex one that includes an assemblage of various individuals who have specialised in this law. Therefore, before applying to this post, you should check the eligibility criteria and see if you even match the criteria or not. 

Competition Law Job Responsibilities 

Those who undertake competition law jobs provide competent competition law advice. They also contribute and play their part in managing competition risk mitigation activities and help create policies to guarantee that company exposure to legal risk in the area of competition law is handled effectively to minimise risks and future-proof the business.

Skills Required For Building Competition Law Career

In order to build a successful career in competition law, you are required to show excellence in a number of fields. For example, you are needed to show good interpersonal skills like compliance, communication, speaking, as well as professionalism. Simply Law Jobs is the best platform where you can access all the latest legal jobs in the UK.