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Commercial Litigation Jobs


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Commercial litigation entails the legal advice, assistance, and course of action for dealing with business disputes and matters like construction claims, breach of contract, shareholder disputes, employment or union labour concerns, trademark or copyright infringement, tax disputes, insurance coverage, and claims. The litigation involves two or more business entities. Commercial litigators represent the best interests of their clients.

The different kinds of commercial litigation jobs include commercial litigation lawyers, commercial litigation solicitors, commercial litigation paralegals, commercial litigation consultants, commercial litigation senior associates, and commercial litigation/arbitration partners. Commercial litigation lawyers and solicitors are required to have relevant experience with the kind of litigation cases they have to work on, the PQE can vary depending on the role.

The average per annum income for commercial litigation vacancies differs depending on the factors like the position, job responsibilities, experience required, and the employer. Overall, the lawyers, solicitors, paralegals, and associates working in commercial litigation make good money, they are offered competitive salary packages with benefits like career progression opportunities, performance-based bonuses, and more.

You can make a brilliant career working in commercial litigation if you have the passion to progress in this practice area. You get to work with a diverse range of clients from property and construction businesses to leisure and entertainment brands. Working on different cases will help hone your skills. Most commercial litigation roles have promising professional development opportunities.

Currently, there are many commercial litigation lawyer jobs, solicitor, associate, and paralegal vacancies in the UK. As long as the businesses need legal advice and assistance regarding contractual issues, claims, venture disputes, and other matters, there will be a demand for these legal jobs. Expedite your job search by making a quick profile on Simply Law Jobs!


What are Commercial Litigation Jobs Like 

The different kinds of commercial litigation jobs include commercial litigation lawyers, commercial litigation solicitors, commercial litigation associates, and commercial litigation paralegals. Commercial litigation solicitors need to have experience in both contentious and non-contentious work and must have a solid reputation in litigation and dispute resolution in the relevant sector. The PQE preferred by most employers is 5-8 years. The senior solicitors are expected to have the know-how or exposure to manage the team. Commercial dispute lawyers ought to have a sense of commercial pragmatism and strong experience in providing practical solutions to complex business disputes. Commercial litigation paralegals need to have a law degree or BPTC with previous paralegal experience. 

Commercial Litigation Jobs’ Responsibilities

Commercial litigation solicitors work on cases related to contracts, systems, governance, and disputes. They provide advice on resolving disputes that include commercial disputes, arbitrations, financial litigations, judicial reviews, and fraud. The caseload can also cover other aspects of commercial litigation like director shareholder and partner disputes and intellectual property disputes.  They also utilise their knowledge and expertise to help clients increase the opportunities to avoid a potential conflict or to come up with a successful resolution at an early stage. The commercial litigation paralegal job description includes handling the whole litigation process from inception to court. They assist the fee earners and other members of the legal team. 

Skills Required to Build Commercial Litigation Careers

Stellar communication skills both verbal and written are required for pursuing a career in commercial litigation as interacting with the clients and drafting documents are important for carrying out the day-to-day duties. Commercial propensity, customer care, and problem-solving skills are essential for commercial litigation solicitor jobs. Commercial litigation paralegals need to have a flexible attitude and willingness to work for longer hours to manage the heavy caseloads. Individuals with self-confidence, good analytical reasoning, and interpersonal skills are likely to better fit in the commercial litigation roles. Sign into Simply Law Jobs for getting notified about the vacancies around you in your preferred practice area!