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Childcare law is a category of family law that entails laws, rules, and regulations pertaining to the children’s rights, child arrangement orders, children’s services, child welfare, and other aspects. The childcare Act 2006 of England was implemented for improving the outcomes for young children, it includes clauses for childcare disqualification checks and ensuring quality early years provision.

The childcare legal jobs include childcare lawyers, childcare solicitors, childcare paralegals, childcare legal secretaries, childcare legal assistants, and childcare barristers. The eligibility criteria for lawyers and solicitors to practice childcare is more than two years of PQE in childcare having stellar communication skills and the experience of working with the local authorities on childcare matters.

The average per hour and annum salary for childcare lawyers, solicitors, paralegals, legal assistants, and barristers vary depending on the employer, kind of position, and other factors. Overall, the childcare law workers make good money, they are offered competitive salary packages with benefits like annual paid leaves, medical insurance, paid panel courses, childcare vouchers, and more.

You can make a brilliant career practicing in childcare if you have a passion and inclination to excel in this law field. Starting a job as a junior lawyer or solicitor, you can work your way to improve advocacy skills and gain experience in handling diverse cases for improving the prospects of landing a job at a sought-after law firm.

Currently, there are plenty of childcare lawyer and childcare solicitor vacancies in the UK. As long as the parents, guardians, and child welfare organisations need legal assistance regarding childcare matters, these lawyers and solicitors will be in demand. Sign into Simply Law Jobs for getting notified about the open positions matching your qualifications!


What is Childcare Law?

Childcare law encompasses legal guidelines regarding child protection, adoption, guardianship, improving the educational, hygiene, and nutrition services for the children, and removing the inequalities. The law also covers clauses regarding child arrangement and contact orders. The childcare act of 2006 UK aimed to improve “Every Child Matters” outcomes for children from birth to five years of age. The act had clauses for providing quality and sufficient childcare to working parents and improving parental information services. Childcare law requires the local authorities to safeguard the rights and welfare of the children in their particular area, especially those in need that require additional support because of parents’ death or family disputes. 

Childcare Law Jobs’ Responsibilities 

Childcare lawyer jobs entail responsibilities like handling all aspects of childcare work, dealing with a range of public and private children’s cases that include abduction, child protection issues, adoption, and special guardianship matters. They also manage and supervise the solicitors and provide technical expertise and guidance to the team members. Childcare solicitors advise the council, officers, committees, and departments of the council on legal matters regarding the different areas of social services. They draft legal documents pertaining to children’s social care. Paralegals provide paralegal assistance to childcare solicitors. Legal secretaries give secretarial support to the lawyers and fee earners in the childcare team. 

Skills Required for Building Childcare Law Careers 

Extensive and updated knowledge of childcare law and experience of working on family and children’s cases is essential for childcare legal jobs. Excellent communication skills both verbal and written are required for the lawyers and solicitors to effectively interact with the clients, law team members, and authorities. Professional, proactive approach and client care skills are a must-have for pursuing childcare law careers. Sound organisation skills will help with efficiently handling the caseload. Enthusiastic and driven individuals will better fit in the childcare law roles. Finding a lawyer or solicitor job in your preferred practice area is easy with Simply Law Jobs. Build a quick profile to get started!