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Frequently asked questions

Billing Analysts manage and monitor accounts receivable and transactions. They have to ensure that the billing processes are accurate. They do the monthly reconciliations for the different bills and can be asked to communicate with clients and credit controllers. They also test run a new billing system or keep the existing one functional and efficient.

Most employers prefer a degree in finance, account, or relevant field for Billing Analyst jobs. Experience in the same or similar role is also required. You ought to be familiar with accounting software and need proficiency with data entry and analysis. Organisation, communication, and time management skills are also a must for this position.

The average per annum income for Billing Analyst vacancies varies depending on the factors like the employer and job responsibilities. Overall, the Billing Analysts are offered competitive salary packages along with benefits like performance bonuses, healthcare, growth opportunities, and more. So, a Billing Analyst job can turn out to be a lucrative career choice.

There are plenty of job openings for Billing Analysts at the moment in different industries including law firms. The employment opportunities for this role are likely to get even better in the years to come. Finding your desired job in the UK's law industry has been made simple by Simply Law Jobs!

If you are interested in monitoring and managing billing processes and have always longed to opt for a job in financial analysis, you will enjoy the work. You can improve your skills and expertise by gaining experience and getting training while working as a financial analyst to pave the way for further career progression and growth.


Billing Analyst Job Description

Billing Analysts in a law firm work in the accounting department and make sure that the billing processes are efficient and effective. They issue invoices to the clients and monitor the company’s revenue intake. They coordinate with the different departments to check if all the sales are correctly billed for. In a corporate law firm, these analysts check the retainership agreements and send monthly invoices to the clients. Resolving issues pertinent to billing is also in the Billing Analyst job description. The analysts have to ensure that the billing deadlines are met and the records for accounts receivable are updated properly to track back a transaction. 

Billing Analyst Job Responsibilities

The key responsibilities of Billing Analysts include analysing the billing procedures and identifying any issues along with suggesting ways to improve or make them more efficient. They prepare, issue, and send the invoices to the clients ensuring that there are no missing details. They have to review the invoices for maintaining accuracy. Reconciling the invoices using balance sheet reports is also their responsibility. They make certain that all the billing accounts for the clients are properly set up and there is no confusion or discrepancies. In case of a billing issue, they have to talk to the concerned department or clients and take effective measures to resolve it. 

Skills Required to Build Billing Analyst Careers 

Attention to detail is a must for the job as it involves preparing invoices and being good with numbers. The ability to work independently and in a team is also essential for the role, there can be other analysts at a law firm or you can be the only one. Good organisation and time management skills will help with prioritising the tasks and completing them according to the designated deadlines. Communication and interpersonal skills will come in handy for interacting with different teams and clients. Want to know which of the leading law firms are hiring in the finance department? Explore the vacancies on Simply Law Jobs!