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            Frequently asked questions

            Civil liberties are the freedoms offered to people that governments are committed not to breach through the constitution, judicial system, or legislation. This can include freedom of the press, religion, speech, and the right to security and liberty. Human rights are the inherent rights every human possesses irrespective of race, sex, nationality, language, and religion.

            The human rights law jobs in the UK are human rights lawyers, human rights officers, healthcare paralegals, crime paralegals, directors of legal advice and policy, immigration and public law solicitors/caseworkers, trustees for international human rights, legal coordinators, and human rights consultants. The eligibility criteria for the different roles vary depending on the employer and the kind of position.

            The average per hour and yearly human rights solicitor salary uk and other positions differ depending on the practice area, kind of role, and job responsibilities. Overall, the lawyers, solicitors, paralegals, consultants, and coordinators working in human rights law earn well. They are offered competitive salary packages with benefits like company pension, flexible working hours, paid sick leaves, and more.

            Human rights law is quite a diversified practice area so you can build a lucrative career specialising in your field of interest like asylum or criminal law. Working your way to gain experience and refine your skills is likely to make the job more financially rewarding and will improve the chances of your professional progression.

            Currently, there are plenty of human rights law vacancies for lawyers, solicitors, legal consultants, and coordinators in the UK. As long as individuals and organisations need legal guidance and assistance regarding human rights laws, there will be a demand for these roles. Make your job hunt easier by signing into Simply Law Jobs!


            What are Civil Liberties and Human Rights?

            Civil liberties are the freedoms people are entitled to, the governments can’t amend or reduce them through the constitution, judicial system, or legislation.  The scope of these liberties differs for different countries. These include the freedom of expression, assembly, religion, and right to privacy, own property, and defend oneself. Civil liberties in the United Kingdom are as old as the Magna Carta 1215. The 17th century common law and statute law further explained these rights. Parts of these laws still hold to this day. The United Kingdom is a signatory to the European Convention on Human Rights which encompasses civil liberties and human rights. 

            Human Rights Law Jobs’ Responsibilities 

            Human rights law officers or lawyers handle a range of issues pertaining to international human rights and humanitarian and criminal law. They conduct legal research and analysis on the information and evidence collected in the cases. They advise the team on matters related to the legal framework and standards applicable to the human rights situation that is under investigation. They identify the trends for human rights violations and abuses of international humanitarian or criminal law. Immigration lawyers and solicitors assist with preparing and submitting asylum and human rights applications. Civil litigation solicitors manage a caseload of boundary disputes, contract disputes, and general civil disputes. 

            Skills Required to Build Human Rights Law Careers 

            Stellar communication skills both verbal and written are essential for human rights legal jobs as they involve interacting with various kinds of clients and drafting legal documents. Research and analytical thinking skills are required for lawyers, solicitors, and legal coordinators working with human rights organisations or law firms. Interpersonal skills are needed for communicating with the victims of abuses or crimes so individuals with high levels of emotional intelligence better fit in the human rights law roles. Willingness to keep confidentiality is also important. Build your professional profile with minimal effort on Simply Law Jobs and start applying to vacancies posted by top law firms in the UK!