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Ella Richardson
Are professional CV reviews actually worth it?

As we all know, our CVs play a huge part in securing anything from our very first role to our dream job! I know how tough it is to get the most effective layout, format and structure for your CV, and then getting it past the ATS is another battle in itself. That's why we suggest utilising CV reviews when possible - but how can a professional CV review actually help you in your law career?

1. Get a higher salary: Candidates with a professionally written CV on average receive a 7% increase in salary compared to those without. 

2. Get your dream job: Candidates reported finding work at a 32% higher rate than those who applied to roles with their DIY CVs.

3. Avoid rejection: 75% of applications are instantly rejected at the point of application due to being filtered out by the ATS (Applicant Tracking System).

4. Stand out from the crowd: Once you get past the ATS, recruiters on average spend 10 seconds reviewing a CV, layout and format should be easy to read. 

5. Get your dream job quicker: Candidates who used Top CV (our professional CV review partner) found their job in 3 months or less, faster than the 5-month average.

We've managed to get you a free Top CV review here. Even if you're not currently searching for a new job, you're able to utilise tools like these in the Hub so that you can be extra confident when levelling up in your career. 

Let me know how you find the CV review!


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